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This is an active chimney fire video.

Clean Sweeps Chimney Services is located in Churchville, New York and provides services to all of the surrounding areas.  

Chimney Inspections

snow covered house

    Specifically in this region, it’s hard to equal the comfort provided by a warm and cozy fire on a damp wet night or during a snowy afternoon.  And part of our company’s mission statement is to deliver that opportunity for a client’s home, cottage or business by conducting a thorough cleaning and inspection of your fireplace or wood stove.

    We treat every customer’s home as if it were our own, displaying respect for the property and keeping the work area organized & clean.  Instead of hurrying through a cleaning application to get to our next appointment, we invest time in listening to our clients’ needs and concerns. And we answer any questions that they may have concerning any aspect of how their fireplace works.  This assists in the fireplace being used in the safest and most efficient manner possible, which in turn results in less creosote buildup within the chimney. 

     Some of our competitors rush in, complete a job, and leave as quickly as they came. While we understand this business model, we are different. We spend extra time with our customers to ensure that they know how to operate their fireplace(s) in a safe and efficient manner. We also invest the time to get to know our customers and their families personally, so we can better determine what their needs are. We never want to “sell” a customer a product or service they do not need. We listen to what they are inquiring about and advise them about whether they think their system might benefit from any improvements, and we can provide the highest quality version of this. We will present options and let the customer make their own decisions.

     In the course of conducting an inspection, we follow the requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection  Association. The NFPA 211 lists Standards for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances, and these are the codes that we adhere to. 

     A fireplace is a very attractive feature in a home and it’s an important appliance to those who have one in our region, as they provide home heat as well as relaxing comfort for the users. Sometimes a fireplace is an preexisting amenity in a recently purchased home and the new homeowners begin to use it and enjoy its benefits, completely unaware whether the unit was originally installed correctly or not. Or, in the ensuing years since its installation, if it’s developed unseen defects. 


     When purchasing a home, potential buyers should always request that a Level II inspection be conducted by a certified professional prior to any sale, and they should certainly protect their interest by obtaining a copy of the written results submitted by that technician following his inspection.  If they have any questions regarding anything contained in that report, they should contact that technician directly to discuss their concerns.  After all, it’s your home so review the inspection’s results and make inquiries if you’re uncomfortable about anything that you’ve read.

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